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Saturday, 20th July 2024

Irish Born Chinese


Created Monday, 3rd March 2003, 18:25 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Being overseas Chinese, you always get the pressure to do the very best (even though most of the time, it is ok to do your best! Thanx dad, mom!). But you hear about Li Ka-Shing and his son. Does not really help when you have the Lee surname as well. I know money is not everything, but sometimes it feels like it does. That it is obligatory to earn alot of money. I can be hypocritical depending on my mood. But I am rather frustrated at the moment, but that is just a personal issue. Has anyone notice that Chinese people always have to show a bit of power and money? Is it ingrained into our culture? And it really sickens me that lots of girls in HK are throwing themselves at wealthy men, just for money sake. I know it happens everywhere around the globe, but you just hear these stories from the news, ok gossipy news. And people talking about it. 90% of the female cantopop stars can’t sing, and it is not talent that brought them up there to the top, is it? And what about the scandalous Miss HK competitions. It can go on and on… What is it with the LV, your Armani’s, Rolexes etc…? Even people from mainland China are going to HK to purchase these designer items. Anyway, all this from this one article I came across:
Li Ka-shing and Richard bookend SAR’s rich list