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Thursday, 5th March 2015

Irish Born Chinese

Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Wednesday, 18th February 2015, 23:16 by whykay_g | Comments
It's actually 4712th Chinese year in terms of the Lunar calendar. Today is the last day before new year's where people normally go to the flower markets in Hong Kong. Thursday will officially be Chinese New Year, the first day of the new year. I've done my duty handing out Lai Sees, and had a huge home cooked meal made by my mom! We were so full afterwards, but was so yummy. We had pork with fat choy (which sounds exactly like prosperity) and dried shiitake mushroom, lobster, prawns, roast duck, roast pork, steam turbot, fish maw and vegetables, chicken.

The look of how-do-they-do-that-and-not-get-hurt when I watch hundred of people rush to be the first to place (or from looks of things, jab as hard as they can while pushing others away) huge joss sticks to get Buddha's Blessings. It's like an athletic feat in Taiwan.

You can read more about the various days of Chinese New Year and its customs via

And before the year is out I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year, all the best to students in their studies, and may your wishes come true. For Cantonese sayings, you can check out
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Tuesday, 30th December 2014, 16:13 by whykay_g
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