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Sunday, 24th September 2023

Irish Born Chinese

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{List of articles for April, 2004}

    I just so happen to stumble upon this article by the Belfast Telegraph, titled “Life according to… Gerry Anderson – What about giving ... (by None April 10, 2004)
    What's new in HK? Some up and coming attractions in HK. The new cables car, new theme parks. HK ... (by None April 10, 2004)
    Clash Of Culture?? Right so… here’s another shot… So maybe it’s not that Chinese people are giving us ... (by None April 7, 2004)
    Chinese meetup day in 2 days Hey all, Chinese meetup day in Dublin in 2 days, sign up for more information. (by None April 2, 2004)
    Irish story - Chinrish (posted by Whykay April 25, 2011)
    Year Of The Rabbit - Chinese New Year In Dublin, Ireland (posted by Whykay April 25, 2011)