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Sunday, 23rd June 2024

Irish Born Chinese

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What is about?
To deliver Chinese/Asian-related interests to a general audience in a more friendly, news-site oriented format.
Why is it called started off as a blog of my experiences as an "Irish Born Chinese" person living in Ireland. I hope to expand my experiences even more with other IBCs and non-IBCs participating in posting articles and comments.
Does items have to be Chinese/Asian-related?
It would be nice if it was some way Chinese/Asian-related, but it's okay to submit articles you find interesting and want to share to everyone.
How do I register?
There's no to registration on
If there's no registration, how do I log in?
The site uses external services to handle logging into, such as Twitter, Yahoo, Google and Open Id.
Do I need a password then?
No; again, all the logging in is handled by the services listed above.
Can someone else delete my account?
The admin will be able to delete your account.
Can anyone submit articles?
Once you are registered, you can submit an article with two options, "draft" or "for review". The article will not be visible to anyone but the submitter and reviewer. When the article is marked for review, the editor will review the article and if everything is okay (nothing offensive etc. found in the article), it will be marked published and will be displayed in the relevant section in the site. (See Individual Articles section for more information)
Can I delete my account?
Yes; Got to your profile. Click on "Edit Profile" link, followed by click on the x-icon beside "Delete account". You'll be presented with a confirmation to delete your account.
If I delete my account, what will happen to articles I posted and comments?
When you delete your account, all information regarding your user profile will be removed, the only thing remaining is the your username that will indicate the articles you have posted. The articles will remain (See Your username will be greyed out in your posted articles. Comments are handled by disqus, which I have no control of. If you delete your account or your disqus comments, it will not be viewable in IBC.


What's considered an article?
It can be anything of interest, e.g. news, something funny.
Is there moderation on an article?
Yes, once an article has been submitted, it's marked for review. Unless it's offensive, a warning will be issued by the editor and marks it "Reviewed - Not Approved". The submitter will see the articles not approved via "Articles not approved" link. If a message from the editor is issued, it will be displayed at the top of the edit article page. The submitter will need modify it before submitting the article into the review cycle again.
When I make a mistake in my own article, can I fix it?
Yes, just to to the article, click on the "Edit" button and edit your article entry and save the changes.
Can I delete my own article?
Yes, just go to your article, and click on the "Edit" button. There is a big red cross at the top, mouse over it and a label will appear informing you that it's a delete icon. Click on the delete icon and you will be asked to confirm the deletion.
Can anyone else edit/delete my article?
Aside from the editor, regular members of the site will not be able to edit/delete your article.
Can I report an article?
Not at the moment. Best way is to notify me and I'll withdraw the article, and leave a message to the submitter of the article on the reason why it's not published anymore.
What are tags?
With tags you are labelling an article i.e. fun, this is useful for because it will pull all the articles with that tag into list, so people can find all related articles to that tag. See for more details about tags.
What if an article has no tags? has a page that displays all articles with no tags. See


How do I get my website listed in your "Links" page?
Let me know the name of your site, url and short description. It will be approved within 10 working days.
It's past ten days and my link is not on the Links page, why?
Either I haven't gotten around it yet, or it was not approved. If you want a follow-up, included your email in the request to add your site, and I will send you an email to let you know if it's approved or not.
My issue is not listed in the FAQ, what do I do now?
If you have any other problems or general comments, there's a Feedback button on the left-hand-side of the page, here's the link anyway -