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Wednesday, 4th October 2023

Irish Born Chinese

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{List of articles for April, 2005}

    Bad habits Just came across an interesting article about bad habits in Beijing and Dublin. Spitting is ... (by None April 28, 2005)
    Leech and nose does not mix Ok, this is icky, but a leech in your nose, all that blood it’s sucking ... (by None April 10, 2005)
    Ching Ming A collection of stories of what goes on during Ching Ming at Boing Boing. It’s ... (by None April 9, 2005)
    Irish story - Chinrish (posted by Whykay April 25, 2011)
    Year Of The Rabbit - Chinese New Year In Dublin, Ireland (posted by Whykay April 25, 2011)