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Tuesday, 29th November 2022

Irish Born Chinese


Created Monday, 14th October 2002, 13:21 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

BANG! A humongous banger goes off somewhere in the Mad Max zone behind Hueston Station. Yup, Halloween is upon us again. To go along with this festive month (dodging fireworks), I may drop into Irish Film Centre to watch “The Eye”. A Hong Kong-Thailand movie, part of a horror trilogy. Looks scary and good. Halloween, the night where all the creep spirits and bad things roam the earth in the full moon… In Hong Kong, the Chinese version is in August (Chinese Lunar calendar is 7th Month). The spirit day… I remember I was in Hong Kong during that period with my 3 brothers. One of my brothers has a very bad temper and my dad was thinkiing of bringing him to a temple to ask one of the Gods to look after him, and let him be her step-son. (not sure of the God’s name), so nothing bad would happen to him, and hopefully his temper would be controlled. But that was not a good period and dad was afraid that a spirit might take advantage and become attached to my brother. It was spooky when dad was telling me about this, and this was back in 1997. And we burnt alot of paper money to our ancestors, very smokey it was as well. Well, at least the worst that can happen here is being egged and floured, and maybe singed from some kid throwing fireworks around, other then being dogged by a spirit for the rest of your life…