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Saturday, 20th July 2024

Irish Born Chinese

Dub accented Chinese folks

Created Friday, 21st November 2003, 23:37 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Heh, was getting my lunch at the local centra near my workplace in East Point Business Park. I have noticed that the oriental girls who were serving me actually have a very heavy Dublin accent. Especially when they say the word “butter”. :)
I have to say I was taken back a bit on the accent, I was expecting a softer English accent and more neutral type of English as well. But yeah, that was funny. My BF said there use to be a Chinese girl who works with the cleaning crew, and in the evenings when they clean up the place, my BF would hear her speak little English, but as the months progressed, her Dublin accent was getting stringer, on the other hand her English was getting better. I can just imagine, when I visit China some day, all I hear is the Dublin accent, like that crackers ad that was on some time ago. :D
Well, all people would tell me (since I was in college anyway) that I have an American accent! Must be all the Friends I was watching. ;)