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Monday, 15th August 2022

Irish Born Chinese

More fear than ever

Created Tuesday, 22nd April 2003, 13:25 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Recently talked to my aunt in HK. Seems that Tai Po is worst hit in HK! I can count my lucky stars and my BF’s) that we got back on New Year’s day before this whole unfortunate incident took off in Feb. My little cousin has not been attending school for over 3 weeks now, as his school is near the hospital. But he will be returning with the other pupils on a 1/2 day basis. My aunt was saying it has been very disruptive there, even as simply as going out to get shopping for cooking the dinner means coming home, wash all the clothes you wore and shower and wash your hair. Here is a list of buildings affect in HK (note Tai Po is quite high!) – List of Buildings with Confirmed Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Patients (from
But worldwide, this has brought home the fact of this danger, even though it is true that the flu kills more every year than what this virus has done so far. Found this interesting article from Mercury News in San Fancisco of how the people of Chinese descent are reacting to this – Bay Area SARS fears hit home