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Saturday, 28th January 2023

Irish Born Chinese

It's the same situation everywhere

Created Monday, 31st May 2004, 23:18 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Saw this article in Dim Sum. I viist this site every so often (and also this was the site that inspired me to start this site. :) ) Well, as I was saying, this article, Perspective – Save Chinese Catering, really shows that the stress if EU clampdowns on labour is hurting the Chinese restaurants on both sides of the water. People want ethnic Orientals to serve them in restaurants, and ethnic Orientals to be the chefs, cooks, porters etc. in the kitchen, and yet all these laws prevents hiring of these folks. In an Italian place, you expect Italians for example. It’s authenticity. Well, have a read, and the feeling in the article can be duplicated here in Ireland. But what can we do, but back to the hard times and knuckle down and bear with it as usual.