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Sunday, 8th December 2019

Irish Born Chinese

Back from HK

Created Saturday, 24th July 2004, 17:53 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Well, I am back from HK, and I am welcomed with over 2000 spam comments on all my blogs… sigh In only 2 weeks. And some crap was floating on the board as well, so I got rid of that, so apolagies if there were non-related stuff. I am the only person admining, and I had no internet access during the time I was in HK the past 2 weeks. It’s typical, isn’t it?!?

Well, I can breathe again. It feels like the air conditioning is constantly on now, since I got off the plane in Shannon. ;) Heh, it’s nice to be back though. I miss HK already, but that is enough plane travelling… BA with babies and toddlers screaming their lungs out. It’s like a they are in it altogether, once stops and another starts, it’s like a stereo with babies crying and wailing! The ozzie beside me was about to loose his rag. It feels good not to be sweaty and sticky from the weather, and hopping from shade to shade.

It’s gonna be really frustrating now to get use to Dub transport when I get back up tomorrow, and start back into work on Monday. HK transport is so sufficient. They apolagised for a 10s delay due to signal failures. And I saw in the recent news about MTR 4min delays spiralled to 10min delay during rush hour! That is still less than our DART arrival times!

I am still finding it really funny that people hear me speak and react very surprised that I speak fluent Cantonese, since I was brought up overseas (and also that many overseas kids speak Hakka). My BF got his chance to speak a little bit more Chinese. Heh. It was all a good experience. The wee typhoon an’ all! It really just whooshed past, and did not affect us in Tai Po at all. Just spoiled a trip to the Bronze buddha (tour cancelled cos of signal 3 at 5:20am that morning). But it was an experience for my BF, my BF’s dad and my work collegue. All I could say about HK, it’s really hot, hot, hot there!