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Sunday, 19th May 2024

Irish Born Chinese

How do I see myself?

Created Saturday, 8th October 2005, 23:40 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Saw a recent comment from one of my blog entries : Dub accented Chinese folks. do you see yourself, in which way you look at your identity?...

How do I see myself? I think I have touched on this subject on and off. Well, since I am an overseas born Chinese, and being brought up in an Irish environment, I just feel I am lucky to feel both Chinese and Irish. Being in touch with 2 very different cultures really open my eyes. But that means I have twice as much stuff to learn from both cultures. It helps that I have so much family to be in contact with, both here and in Hong Kong. Dad will fill us in on history of China and Hong Kong. He knows the Irish history well (his knowledge of things sometimes astounds me). So there was alot of chatting late into the nights.

Chinese customs that still stick with us would be Chinese Lunar new year (mostly kids and some unmarried folks, like me, who still receive Lai See packets). Many Chinese owned businesses close for a day. Then there is the Mid-Autumn festival, were we all just eat some mooncake. Well, with us, these are the biggest Chinese dates to note. We don’t burn incense here. Unless we head back to Hong Kong, we will need to burn incense for our forefathers (at the shrine in the appartment).

I feel so happy that so many western folks watch Chinese films, but the ones that do annoy me would the ones who think they know it all. Trying to explain what it is like growing up watching these types of films, tv shows, they do not quite understand. Yet all they have in their heads is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero, and they know everything. Culture clashes do happen I suppose. If I was in a strict Chinese family (I’d say it use to be back before 70s), then I would not be going out as much (not that I did when I was young anyway). And most certainly would not be permitted to go out with anyone other than a Chinese guy, and probably arranged at that!!! I really would not be surprised. Now we are in the noughties, times have changed. Views change, especially if you are overseas.

All in all, I really appreciate having experienced both cultures. It broadens my view. Well, I hope it did. Plus, I get to speak another language fluently. And in the end, I am me, myself… the only person who can say who I am. Not depicted by anyone. I hope that I can pass on these experiences to my future generation.