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Saturday, 19th October 2019

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Lunar new year celebrations

Created Monday, 23rd January 2006, 22:45 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

You know, MMORPGs have come along way. I,myself, am a big fan off World of Warcraft. My fianc√© pointed something out the other day, WoW are holding a celebration called the Lunar Festival and it just so happens to coincide with Chinese New Year. And what went through my mind was, I thought it was inauspicious to mention the following: die, kill, use of any sharp objects, swearing, war etc… You get my drift? It’s just so funny to see that it celebrates something yet go against culturally what the New Year means. I wonder if the Asian WoW players mind? But it’s all harmless fun. Heh, the Lai Sees can help buy another few months for the lucky few.

Oh, on a related note (Chinese New Year, not MMORPGs ), BigWhiteGuy has a condense description of what it’s all about. Browsing through the Jan archives (since I have not been reading them for awhile), I found an entry about the Wishing Tree and it seems that the tree will get further abuse leading upto the New Year. And probably a reason why I want to go to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year before I get married is because of the cool firework displays. (Hmm, probably next year.)