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Sunday, 4th June 2023

Irish Born Chinese

Some folks just don't read

Created Monday, 24th April 2006, 22:15 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Came across this blog commenting that I am racist?!?!?!?

In their own words:
“This is specially for IBCs (Irish Born Chinese) to post articles with regards to IBC’s life in Ireland and comment on articles posted.”
Only Irish-born Chinese? Isn’t that a tad racist?

Hmm, did that person did not bother read the blurb I have above of my page? I have expressed that I welcome all, even in the forum. So much for me wanting to know other Irish born Chinese of my generation. Of course, I wouldn’t forget about other overseas born Chiinese and non-overseas born Chinese.