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Wednesday, 10th August 2022

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Cute cakes, fruit and moody Hong Kong

Created Thursday, 31st August 2006, 22:03 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

You know, I have always commented that cakes in Hong Kong are nicer than over here, and I have some pics as well from my recent trip to Hong Kong in July.
Smiley cake (28062006)

Romantic cake (28062006)

Heart shaped cake (28062006)

Hello Kitty Cake (28062006)

My aunt brought some fruit to a family dinner, and there is particulare one which looks wierd, but tastes nice. You just eat the white fleshy part, spit out the seeds, and careful not to get the red spongey skin on my clothes as they stain.
Asian Fruit

And Hong Kong is still as stifling as ever, here is a moody pic:
Moody Hong Kong