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Tuesday, 5th December 2023

Irish Born Chinese

Now tell me what you think?

Created Sunday, 7th October 2007, 21:41 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Really, tell me what you think when you see this quote?

Luo Lei’s parents were able to help his campaign by taking the class for a trip on the modern monorail system – which is managed by his father’s police department – and by giving him gifts to hand out after his final speech.


Cheng Cheng ensured that his classmates shouted down Xu Xiaofei before she had even started to speak, and she found it difficult to recover.

All this for trying to get elected for class monitor in a Chinese school1. There was alot of underhandedness when I read how a class of 8 year olds go about their campaign.

I wonder how this differ from class reps/monitor being selected in Irish schools? This just reminds me of the Simpson’s episode when Bart ran for class president against Lisa. Does that kind of dirty campaigning in schools really happen in US?

1Please Vote For Me is part of the BBC’s Why Democracy? season and will be broadcast on Sunday 7 October at 2000 BST on BBC Four. – Democracy in a Chinese classroom