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Saturday, 22nd June 2024

Irish Born Chinese

Dublin's Chinese New Year 2008

Created Thursday, 10th January 2008, 09:44 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

(Thanks, Heilong)

Unfortunately I will be away in Hong Kong from the 12th for 2 weeks, so I will miss the event. If people are going, and are taking pics and/or videos, is it possible for you to post them in forum?

If you want to write about the event, and you want it in the IBC blog, let me know, I will give you access, or if you have access and have forgotten, let me know.

While I am away, I will try to check my email as often as I can. Oh, and Happy new year 2008, everybody!

Chat about it more in the IBC forum…