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Monday, 4th December 2023

Irish Born Chinese

Need mo' rice

Created Thursday, 24th April 2008, 09:19 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Just an example of what is hitting Asians overseas from the current crisis in relation to what will probably happen to me here in Ireland, hoarding of rice. I have mentioned it in my previous post. I suppose that is the least of my worries, as there are people in poorer countries suffering because they cannot afford rice which is part of their staple diet.

Another warning sign for us to bear in mind are dairy products. I noticed that people in China has developed a taste for dairy products, thus a fight for keeping up with demands of supplying dairy produce globally. In Japan, they mainly import their dairy produce from Austrailia, and they are struggling to cope. This article shows that simple needs like buying butter from shops is a problem. Obviously the shortage of grain (rice and wheat) is an issue over there as well, impact from droughts hitting exporting countries and use of grains to be turn to bio-fuel hits pockets as food prices increases hits consumers to bakeries and other food related-businesses.

I wonder will this encourage countries to grow their own food more?