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Monday, 17th June 2024

Irish Born Chinese

Dublin Chinese made it a big day for the opening ceromony

Created Saturday, 9th August 2008, 23:23 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

It’s nice to see the Chinese getting into the whole Olympic mood, like the Chinese in Dublin (The Irish Times online).

Flags, friendship and a buffet of traditional cuisine were the order of the day as over 100 members of the Chinese community, as well as a host of friends from elsewhere, gathered in the Melody Bar and Restaurant on Capel Street to mark the event in style.

I, myself, only watched as far as the Irish atheletes arriving out into the stadium, it was a very long procession of countries, my excuse… to get back to my thesis project. It was a great ceromony though, can see so many people put so much work into it.

In other news, babies and couples tying the knot was the big thing on 08/08/2008 (including the chef working in my family’s restaurant down in Limerick).

Between midnight and midday yesterday, there were 35 births. Only 13 were natural deliveries, with the remaining Caesarean sections to ensure that most auspicious and treasured of babies – an Olympic baby.

A record number of people got married – 16,400 couples from Beijing’s eight districts and, when you factor in the suburbs, 20,000 couples.

It’s amazing what superstition does to Chinese people.