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Tuesday, 29th November 2022

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Chinese dairy produce recalled in Singapore

Created Wednesday, 24th September 2008, 15:38 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

If you have not heard of the milk scandal in China, just do a search in Google and in the news, you’ll find it’s not just affecting baby milk (which is deplorable in itself as it did harm people, especially babies), but other dairy food stuff.

Today, I received an email from a Singaporean friend saying that the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore has issued recalls in a number of dairy produce originating from Mainland China. They are extra strict but pay heed nonetheless. Health is the most important thing right now, and something needs to be done to the wretched people who only care about their own pockets and causing harm to unsuspecting public.

Highlights from their site:

As of 24 September 2008, the AVA has detected melamine in an additional 5 products imported from China. Two are flavoured milk and three are confectioneries containing milk powder as an ingredient. They are :

  • Dutch Lady Banana Flavoured Milk;
  • Dutch Lady Honeydew Flavoured Milk;
  • Silang – House of Steamed Potato – Potato Cracker;
  • 徐 福 记 Puffed Rice Rolls – Butter Corn Flavour; and
  • 徐 福 记 Puffed Rice Rolls – Cheese Flavour

This brings the total number of affected products to 8. The other products that were earlier found to be contaminated with melamine are:

  • Yi Li Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection;
  • Dutch Lady Strawberry Flavoured Milk; and

  • 大白兔奶糖 – White Rabbit Creamy Candy

In my friend’s email, there were more products, but I’m not sure if all those were recalled, so I won’t include in this entry.

Anyway, more information in the PDF provided by the AVA, and they even include images of the contaminated products.