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Monday, 15th August 2022

Irish Born Chinese

Careful what you say

Created Monday, 20th April 2009, 08:50 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

A Thai relative visiting her sister and husband did not even get a chance to talk/see them was detained and deported at Dublin airport, all because she said she was here to “mind a child”. She had broken English, and the Garda√≠ was suspicious of her intentions here.

The family she is visiting claims that she is here to babysit their daughter while they work their full-time jobs. The sister is a citizen of Ireland, and was not allowed to talk to her sister.

I have relatives coming to visit us over the years, and some have broken English as well, their issue mainly has been immigration at Heathrow, and seem to be alright when they go through Shannon. I would be horrified if any of my relatives were turned back, and would be outraged like this family. They have done nothing wrong, the girl who was deported has never overstayed her holiday visa and never worked, earned a wage. I think Dublin airport should have at least brought in a translator and confirmed the stories on both ends.

(via Irish Independent)