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Monday, 17th June 2024

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Fake marriage to please parents

Created Tuesday, 16th November 2010, 09:46 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Just read this sad article1 about this gay guy who looked for a lesbian wife so he can get married to please his parents. So it’s a double fake marriage, they have the full works for their “special” day, but they only see each other once a year to visit each other’s families! It’s all a lie. The guy still lives with his boyfriend. All this secrecy just because he doesn’t want to come out to his parents, and he’s not the only one. In China, young single adults are forced to find their significant other near the end of their 20s, there is even a “marriage market” in Shanghai in the weekend where parents go and find other parents to match-make their kids. Being gay is not accepted in China, so this new social problem appears and the tangle and web of lies with many fake marriages like this will all end in tears. I hope a child doesn’t get in the middle of this unfortunate mess.

1[BBC] – Sham marriages for Shanghai’s gay community