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Monday, 17th June 2024

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Make your "Love Music Video" for your wedding

Created Sunday, 26th December 2010, 10:11 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

It’s the cheesey craze in Mainland China (amongst those with money anyway). Money spent on weddings over there is just as high as over here What happened to stuff being cheaper in Mainland China?

A company is offering couples to make a video of how they met, proposed, or even just something out of the movies, which basically what it is. It makes the special couple feel like they are movie stars.

I’ve seen lines of bride and grooms queuing up at Avenue of the Stars in Hong Kong, so they can have their wedding photos taken. And this is in really hot and humid over thirty degree heat! I know taking photos before the couple ties the knot a few months before is the norm over there, I even wrote about it contrasting on the run up to my own wedding .

Do Chinese couples over here as well as 2nd generation Chinese who get married do things differently than traditional Irish and/or Chinese weddings? I definitely did.

(Source: BBC Online)