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Tuesday, 29th November 2022

Irish Born Chinese

Did you see the Chinese The Playboy of the Western World?

Created Tuesday, 16th March 2010, 16:11 by whykay
(NOTE: This is a migrated article from the old IBC blog)

Just passing this on:-

Hi, my name’s Emer O’Toole, and I’m doing a PhD on intercultural theatre. One of my case studies is Pan Pan Theatre Company’s Mandarin Chinese version of The Playboy of the Western World. The play was developed in Beijing with an Irish director in 2006, and came to Dublin in 2007.

A good percentage of the Dublin audience (about 25%) were from Dublin’s Chinese community, and I am trying to contact any Chinese or Chinese/Irish people who might have seen the show to ask them for their impressions of it. At the moment I have lots of Irish audience members’ opinions on the show, but, in terms of interculturalism, this is unbalanced. I’d really like to know what Chinese audience members felt about the production.

If you have seen the show, I’d be very grateful if you could contact me for a short (only five little questions) e-mail interview. It would really help my research!

My e-mail address is (remove spaces): emer . ot @ gmail . com