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Sunday, 4th June 2023

Irish Born Chinese

No more room for loved one remains in Hong Kong

Created Tuesday, 15th November 2011, 10:13 by Whykay
I didn't realise it got to a point where people are renting (illegally) apartments for holding created remains of loved ones as space becomes a premium. It seems space is a problem during one's life as well as afterlife. CNN has a fascinating article about this issue and also some pictures of people who are working in funeral parlours (it's very different to the west).

I've noticed that people live across, beside graveyards over here in the west, for the Chinese, it's the opposite as it's bad feng shui. The thing about the article, in HK, there are people who take advantage of the lower rent near funeral parlours, places where ashened remains of loved ones are stored.

For the rich, to bury their loved ones in a coffin into the ground, it's actually rented space, they ended up cremated and they can afford to place them in one of the private columbarium. People can correct me if I'm wrong here, that's what I was told when I asked how do people find the space in that graveyard where all the famous people get buried in Hong Kong.