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Saturday, 13th April 2024

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Hong Kong's haunted properties for sale

Created Tuesday, 22nd November 2011, 17:03 by Whykay
Chinese people are superstitious, ghosts and spirits, hauntings, hence Chinese have certain days visiting graves of their loved ones. That aside, a company has taken advantage of people by selling "haunted" houses/apartments. Yes, my jaw dropped as well when I read about this in CNN's article about Hong Kong's hot market in haunted houses.

Grisly deaths, suicides, it's listed on the company's website, property location and why it could be haunted. It's pretty miserable research for the person checking up details of a specific property from police logs and other official data. It's a bit twisted that someone is profiting from someone else's unfortunate short-lived and sometimes violent death. Hong Kong is bizarre.