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Sunday, 23rd June 2024

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Battleship the movie trailer

Created Monday, 12th December 2011, 14:12 by Whykay
When I think of battleship, I think "Me:A1...? Opponent: Miss". I was curious about the trailer when I saw it on Apple trailers. So initial reaction, it's trailer music/sound effects are Transformers-like, and not surprised as one of the first things it draws your attention was from Hasbro who brought you Transformers. The main thing that caught my eye was one of Hong Kong's iconic building, the Bank of China Tower, gets destroyed by these aliens. Which is a change from New York or the Washington being any aliens obsessed point of interest for destroying the earth. I've always wondered about that.

Then it reminds me of other Hollywood movies which featured Hong Kong and made it cool. From Lara Croft jumping off the unfinished IFC tower to The Dark Knight jumping off the finished IFC tower. I remember watching in awe of the HK footage was I watched it in the IMAX theatre in London. Here's the Dark Knight's HK footage on YouTube.

Hong Kong has one of the best cityscapes I've seen so far. The best film using this cityscape and one of my favourite movies, Infernal Affairs, did it justice. Check out this clip and see for yourself.

I hope to see more Hong Kong's city featured in films, especially Hollywood blockbusters, and not make it stereotypical, but just as it is, a metropolitan, beautiful and vibrant city.