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Tuesday, 16th April 2024

Irish Born Chinese

Welcome to the simple, redesigned IBC!

Created Tuesday, 1st February 2011, 18:44 by Whykay
With Chinese Lunar New Year looming, I finally decided to bite the bullet and made the IBC beta site live. The main focus as you can see are articles. Instead of signing people up myself (after inviting them) to post articles in my previous blogging site, it just wasn't working. I am hoping that people who log in via those options above (Google, Twitter, etc) will encourage more people to share articles.

If you check out the individual articles, you can also see that comments are back (after many years hiatus due to spammers and the like). So it's up to people like you to help flag unwanted comments. This is a community site and all help is appreciated. :-)

If anyone finds problems, just click on the "Feedback" button on the left hand side. It doesn't store emails, so don't worry. I will try and attend to the feedback as best I can.

The forums are still there, it's under "Community", and I moved the posts from the old board. There might be some missing posts, but not that much. So apologies if I did drop some. If you are registered with old IBC forum, there's no need to register again, just log in with your usual username/password.

I think that's about sums it up. Oooh, there's a food section which has a recipe and food glossary section. Mmmm, food. Since Chinese and food go hand in hand. "Nay sik djoh fan may aah?" ;-)

Finally, I would like to wish you all a Happy and prosperous new year ("Sun leen fai lok!"), that all your wishes come true ("Sum sheung see sing")!