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Sunday, 23rd June 2024

Irish Born Chinese

Silly English names

Created Sunday, 27th March 2011, 17:28 by Whykay
This is not Chinglish, but definitely another cultural quirk, this time in Philippines. English first names and not what you expect. From this BBC article, names like Peanut and Bumbum were encountered.

And I thought English names in Hong Kong kind of make your eyes roll and giggle a little. 

This reminds me, I was getting something at Fortress and they wanted my English name, so I put down "Vicky Lee", and he insisted my full English name! I told him that I'm from overseas and that is my full name, he told me to put down my phonetic Chinese name. *sigh* I hope it's not the computer system insisting on that, though I doubt it. So in the end I put down, "Vicky Lee Wei Kay".