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Sunday, 19th May 2024

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Tougher laws for learner and newly qualified drivers in Ireland

Created Monday, 11th April 2011, 11:35 by Whykay
So if you just passed your driving test the following laws apply:
  • R-plate for the first 2 years
  • Banned for 6 months if you get 6 penalty points (R-Plate)
  • Lower drink-driving limit (20mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood)
There's still a problem with learner drivers though, I have seen them on the motorway. Maybe the person driving wasn't a learner and forgot to take of the L-plate, but I've seen half a dozen this past year. There are plenty of L-plated cars with just one driver in them. At least some are being caught. Although how do you get caught not having L-plates if you are a learner?

There's one thing I read that's interesting though, the RSA are thinking of bringing in "hazard perception testing" for those who are learning to drive next year. This was actually announced in their press release last year [1].

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