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Sunday, 26th March 2023

Irish Born Chinese

Materialism in China

Created Friday, 13th May 2011, 09:53 by Whykay
With many more Mainland Chinese able to afford luxury brands, according to the BBC article, the Chinese are just gone a bit mad with their wealth. The opening paragraph illustrates a bunch of wealth business men who brought their most expensive bottle of wine, uncorked it and poured them into a punch bowl on request of their host. I'm not particular about my wine, but that's such a horror of a notion to even suggest, never mind even taking action on it. So wine lovers, don't read the article, I'm not even going to mention the names of the wine they wasted.

Labels, that's what it's all about it. Not just any label, LV, Gucci, Prada, Audi, etc. You name it, the Chinese wants it. For some people who observe this ludicrous behaviour, they say it's just a phase. Over time the Chinese will mature and appreciate what they buy instead of how expensive it is.