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Friday, 31st March 2023

Irish Born Chinese

My evening at Vodafone Comedy Festival (Sat)

Created Sunday, 24th July 2011, 00:49 by Whykay
As I looked around Iveagh Gardens, the evening was what one would have thought it would be for a pleasant summer evening, filled with mainly middle-class 20-30 something year olds (myself included). I was standing waiting with my husband and another couple to go into one of the acts at The Vodafone Comedy Festival. Another thing struck me but not apparent till I was seated in the Big Red tent. The night's MC, Dermot Whelan came on. To be frank, he was okay, granted he only had to keep us entertained before the main acts, The Nualas and Stephen K Amos, came onstage. As the night went on, some Chinese-related jokes came and went, the usual stereotypical ones which I won't repeat here. 

When Stephen K Amos came on, he asked if he was the only black person there tonight, and guess what? He was. He was wondering what other ethnics where in the audience. I realised then that I was probably one of the very few Asians attending the comedy festival, and probably the only one seated in that tent. 

Strange, where did everyone go? Well, at least the entertainment was really good, I laughed a lot tonight, but where were the other Chinese folks? Just curious and all that. All you IBCs and Asians in Ireland, is comedy not your cup of tea?