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Friday, 31st March 2023

Irish Born Chinese

Chinese weddings are getting more expensive

Created Monday, 25th July 2011, 16:03 by Whykay
Irish weddings are pricey, even small ones (I know from experience). Weddings in China are well on its way to that price range, and it's a heavy burden for the couples involved. One can still find bargains and prices that can only be dreamt of over here.

My brother and his wife got their photos taken in China:- 2 wedding books, 2 large portraits, several smaller portraits, decent digital photos on disc (with no watermarks) and a crystal cube with their image in it. It all costs just around €500. My wedding photos was the 2nd largest expense and all I got was an album, parents albums, 4 smaller photo books, a disc with the photos (watermarked) and was definitely several times what my brother paid.

Even so, Chinese couples are shocked with how much their dream wedding would be, especially when Chinese weddings means showing "face", it's not just about the couple. I'm lucky I had the chance to have a wedding that's just about us, our close family and friends.

So, back to where this all started, read the article from BBC News - The cost of weddings spirals in China