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Monday, 4th December 2023

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UK getting strict about social network messaging

Created Friday, 12th August 2011, 11:47 by Whykay
... and masks. One thing comes to mind, V for Vendetta.

What with recent passing law regarding sites using cookies, and now the clamp down of messages during riots and any major kind of disorder. They are coming to terms that the police just can't keep up, but forcibly asking services to shut off messaging will not be an answer. It's pretty draconian, there I said it. Even though I'm not based in UK, it's pretty unfair to control a free medium like tweets, etc.

It boiled my blood when I read this in the news:
Irish Independent - UK plans web block to slow any riots in future

Even on BoingBoing, it just crops up everywhere I look.

The UK government has to find out the fundamental problem, it's not just yobs anymore, the media might find great use of using these easy targets as an excuse, but as we found out, people from all backgrounds got into this mob mentality.

One question begs to be answered, will it happen in Ireland? If the same question was posed a couple of weeks ago if one would think something like would happen in London, Liverpool, Manchester and so on, it would be highly unlikely.

There goes a trip to London, was hoping to go sometime near the end of the month.