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Wednesday, 29th March 2023

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[UK] A-levels doing well in Maths and Science

Created Friday, 19th August 2011, 09:11 by Whykay
A-levels doing well in Maths and Science, whereas in Ireland (our equivalent to the A-Levels is the Leaving Cert), the results for Leaving Cert Maths was poor. It's gotten to a point where some third level colleges are holding second chance exams for those who failed higher level Maths.

Across the waters, A-levels boom in maths and science credited to 'Brian Cox effect' (via Guardian). I'm not sure about the 'Brian Cox effect', but his programme on The Wonders of the Universe was really interesting. There was another BBC4 programme that was on recently called The Story of Maths. It shows the foundations on where Maths originated in a story-telling way, with the presenter travelling around the globe and not just sitting at a set pointing at slides.

Are there Irish equivalents travelling around Irish schools, or fun and information shows that show our young people how interesting it is to learn about Maths and Science?

On a side note, it's great to see popularity of Mandarin in UK A-Levels (via same Guardian article).
It is the fourth most popular language after French, Spanish and German and the only one to show a significant rise.
Irish government should take note, given that their excuse for not introducing Mandarin into our schools is because of budget constraints.

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