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Sunday, 25th February 2024

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Echoes of the Rainbow (IIa)

Created Monday, 26th September 2011, 22:33 by Whykay
Actually, it's the perspective of a young boy and his family through the good times and tough.

I was told it was a little tear jerker, and a tear jerker it is.

The main storyteller is a young boy who wants to grow up as an astronaut, he is in his own world view of Hong Kong in the latesSixties and his idolisation with his brother. The hard-working father doesn't see the problems bubbling within the family, and the mom is the backbone of the whole family.

The other major character is the eldest brother who goes to a really good secondary school, with much scrimping and saving from his father. He's the champion athlete as well as a star pupil until he falls ill.

Well, I won't go on any further, it's well worth a watch. 

I was happy to see that plans were scrapped on demolishing the street where this movie was filmed, Wing Lee Street. Making the public aware of the demolition of Wing Lee Street, I hope that many other original places are fixed up instead of being razed for more flats/shopping centres.

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