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Sunday, 23rd June 2024

Irish Born Chinese

Ireland to increase its visibility in China by a special CNY performance

Created Sunday, 15th January 2012, 20:33 by Whykay
Ouch, reading that first line in the Irish Independent that "Irish diplomatic efforts have failed to make any impact in China". Ireland has been late in the game to get the attention of China compared to US and UK (and other major European countries). It doesn't help that Irish schools doesn't have Mandarin as part of its curriculum although some schools are implementing it themselves

It's not just the trade connection with China Ireland needs, it will need to educate the next generation as they would be the ones dealing with China in the near future. Given them a fish, they are fed for a day, give them a fishing rod, they have fish for for life. It's something that the Irish government really need to wake up and do something about. It's not enough to entice the Mainland Chinese tourists over here to spend their money on luxury items in our department stores, most of them could just go to Paris and shop in their favourite designer label stores and ignore Ireland altogether.

The article which I pointed to at the start did mention that a special CNY performance will be held in the Dublin Convention Centre and will be broadcast to Chinese state television on Feb 1st. Let's hope that the Year of the Dragon brings some good fortune to Ireland and also closer economic ties with China.