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Saturday, 13th July 2024

Irish Born Chinese

Dragon Boat Festival

Created Wednesday, 12th June 2013, 19:49 by Whykay_g
I remember when I was in Hong Kong for the Dragon Boat Festival (端午節) a few years back. It was actually a grey and muggy day but the atmosphere was buzzing. It was held at Tai Po Waterfront Park and this year is no different, they hold this event every year (like other parts of HK).

Man, I miss the zongzi (粽子), mom made them before as well. Super yummy. Maybe I should learn how to make them, but I can never remember all the festival dates until it's too late!

Anyone know if there's anything on in Ireland? The only thing I could find was from the Dublin School of Mandarin on Sunday June 9th at Swann hall, St. Patrick's Church, Greystones.