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Friday, 31st March 2023

Irish Born Chinese

"Leftover Women"

Created Thursday, 13th June 2013, 18:32 by Whykay_g
"Leftover women" is a horrible term, it's for women who are over 30 and are not married, in other words, a spinster. This article mentioned several sources about China's unmarried women who are over 27 years old that it's not really as big a problem as once thought. Which is good news, more over 30s women are married in China compared to other countries. The problem I have is the term for mature unmarried women, and from this Beeb's article & NY Time's article, I'm not the only one... I suppose no terms out there are nice labels anyway, and it's not a big issue. The next thing that is talked about a lot are women are giving birth later.