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Saturday, 22nd June 2024

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That's how Hong Kong rolls when it comes to Christmas lights

Created Friday, 16th December 2011, 20:04 by Whykay
I've always loved Hong Kong and its cityscape, the skyline is still one of the best I've seen, as long as there's no (sm/f)og, the view is breathtaking. Just check the landing page of Hong Kong's tourism site!

They sure know how to put on a show, I think every time I've been in Hong Kong, I've watched the laser show that's on every night, and it's for free. It's called "A Symphony of Lights".

But when it comes to Christmas time, they go all out! Here's a Google search of Hong Kong Christmas lights, and queue jaw drop. It's different each year, I can't wait to see what they have up this year.

Plus there's lots happening around Christmas in Hong Kong, they don't really celebrate it like they do over here, no big family Christmas dinners, pressies opening on Christmas morning, etc. Although they do have Christmas dinners (or buffets) in the popular hotels and restaurants and they are not that dear (compared to Dublin). I'm not sure about poon choi for Christmas dinner though! If you don't know what poon choi (盆菜) is, here's a Wikipedia article about it.

My Christmases are different from most, but the ones in Hong Kong, even more so!

And now my rambling's done, here's the reason that started this post in the first place... Youtube video of Hong Kong Christmas lights this year (for those who want to see what they are like this year).