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Tuesday, 16th April 2024

Irish Born Chinese

What's your comfort food?

Created Thursday, 10th February 2011, 20:55 by Whykay
"Comfort food" seems to be mentioned alot the last couple of days. From my brother visiting mentioning that my hubby's fav food (pasta and noodles) could be his comfort food. At the moment while writing this post, I'm watching the Hairy Bikers Comfort Food episode. And it occured to me, my comfort food are my parent's home cooking, there's no one dish I can pick from though. I suppose the being Asian, rice is a staple part of our dinner and that could be the foundation of comfort food. I have relatives from HK who visited us and just couldn't get use to the food here in Ireland. Given that we hang about in cafés often for lunch, the only times we have rice is dinner time in the evening. Even with the rice for dinner, it was not enough, they wanted rice with their food during the day as well. 

Our family restaurant is well known for their curry, it may have changed due to availability of ingredients, it would remind me of a happy childhood chowing down curry rice. Simple comfort food. Mom recently gave me curry paste she made herself from the restaurant, and it's all boxed up in the freezer. So whenever I miss home, I just make myself some curry and whatever I find in the house. I'm not a picky eater, from Chinese soup to braised meat to simple stir fries to dishes I would never be able to make i.e. prepping a live lobster, chopping it up and cook it Chinese style.

I wonder what other IBCs comfort food are? Chinese food or western food, or both?