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Saturday, 13th April 2024

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China has overtaken Japan as world's 2nd largest economy

Created Monday, 14th February 2011, 11:49 by Whykay
Aside from the booming headline, I read this other article on the site about Japan's young fight for work at home and abroad and the article answered my one question... why aren't there more Uniqlo stores outside of Asia? Obviously they have stores now globally, but when I was in HK, there wasn't that many. And the reason cited in the article was that they didn't have many employees speaking English.

Now that China is the 2nd largest global economy, with everyone vying to get China's attention, would Chinese choose to learn to speak English reciprocating non-Chinese who are willing to learn Mandarin to do business in China?

Will China's young end up like the Japanese young, just focus on studying and getting straight As so they can get into good-named Universities and finally end up in a stable corporate job  instead of being creative and thinking outside of the box. At the moment, it's stereotypically like that all over Asia. With things moving so fast, what will it be like in another 10 years time?

Regardless of what I just thought above, there are many Chinese start-ups , e.g. BootHK. I don't know of startup sites in China per sae, I only heard of BootHK via one of my questions I recently asked online.