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Saturday, 20th July 2024

Irish Born Chinese

A South Korean's American Dream

Created Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 18:33 by Whykay
The BBC are doing a series about the American Dream, and the article I read focuses on a South Korean family who moved to America, and with the help of the closely knit Korean community in New York City, they opened their grocery shop. This starts the route for their seven year old son who is now in politics. 

This quote from the same article rings true like the Chinese immigrants who arrived in Ireland back in the 60s/70s.

"As a new immigrant, the saying goes, 'Whoever picks you up form the airport, whatever business they are in is what you will go into'."

Everyone helped each other back then as the Chinese community was so small. I'm not sure if this is still the case though. It's a lot of trust to accept a stranger into your business with no background or reference, and who wants a new start. Back in those days, many people who come over are not well off, and folks like my father and his eldest brother would take in new immigrants and give them a job in their business and a bed with a roof over their heads until they find their own feet.

So this seems to be the case with the Korean community (and other Asian communities). I would love to hear more stories similar to this.

(Via BBC)