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Sunday, 2nd October 2022

Irish Born Chinese

How many do you know about Chinese eating etiquette

Created Thursday, 12th May 2011, 13:16 by Whykay
(Via CNNGo)
  1. Put chopsticks on rice bowl
    This one I know, symbolises death, but I can't explain the whole meaning why. I was just told, don't do that.
  2. Never turn over the fish
    I only found this out about 10 years ago or so. My parents use to do it, but since then after someone told us about it (or from Chinese telly), we don't "faan shewn" -- capsize boat.
  3. Birthday noodles
    I really thought this was a Japanese thing to slurp it down, but I didn't think there was any reason other than it tastes good to slurp your noodles.
  4. Tea tapping
    Tapping the table saying thanks when tea/water is topped up by someone at the table. I know about the tapping, but didn't hear the story about it till about say around 10 years ago from my aunt. I asked because I was curious.
  5. Even number of dishes
    My dad was very superstitious. He didn't say anything about odd number of dishes, just avoided 4 ("sei" - die) or 7 (that's how many dishes there would be at a wake).
So how many do you know above, or do you have any more to share?