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Sunday, 19th May 2024

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Cycling in HK and pollution

Created Tuesday, 9th October 2012, 23:59 by Whykay
Moody Hong Kong
I keep referring back to this picture (although a bit dark and gloomy) of HK back in 2006. It's absolutely clear!

These were taken two years later in 2008!
Night shot at the Peak

Smoggy HK

That's a huge difference and it was still just as bad every year I went back to Hong Kong, the latest trip was our winter trip in 2012.

So you can imagine that this BBC video about people wanting to promote and highlight biking in HK as a form of public transport was quite interesting for me. The last thing I would think of are people cycling in that stifling humid heat in the summer, but something has to be done to stop people driving all those cars in a city where owning a car costs a fortune in the first place. I tend to see delivery people cycle or MAMIL (aka Middle Aged Men In Lycra) cycling around the cities. I wonder if there's any hipsters cycling around HK on their fixies like they do in Dublin (here's an example photo of a fixie bike for those who don't know what they look like).