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Sunday, 19th May 2024

Irish Born Chinese

Chinese New Year of the Snake

Created Wednesday, 23rd January 2013, 14:17 by Whykay
It's my turn this year. Yep, I'm born in the Year of the Snake. I'm still surprised that Irish friends would as if CNY is on Feb 10th this year, I normally don't track it. Which they find amusing, maybe because it should be ingrained in my noggin given that I'm Chinese and all.

My plan this year is to visit family and have a good family get together meal. I'll have to give Lai Sees (or Red Packets) to my unmarried siblings and nephew. Joys of a being married and Chinese.

There are a few events happening around the country, especially in Dublin. The Dublin City Council will be hosting Dublin's Chinese New Year Festival (8th - 18th Feb).

- Film festival at the Lighthouse Cinema -
- General events -

If there's anything else on, please add via the comments, thank you!