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Saturday, 22nd June 2024

Irish Born Chinese

History of Chinese writing

Created Friday, 29th March 2013, 19:09 by Whykay_g
I'm curious about the Chinese writing, and from where it originated from. Being pictures makes it an interest for me to look into it more. There's actually lots of sources online, even on  Twitter. Just one I found about the origins of the Chinese word for "book". Interesting, right? Well, there's more. I found this article about the history of Chinese symbols, and this led me to this really cool site that looks up ancient variations given a regular Chinese character that is used today. 

For example, here's the analysed result for 月, which is Chinese for moon or month. I told you that was cool.

I know there are thousands to check, so it's really awesome how much hard work the guy behind that site (Richard Sears) put into it and it's all free for people to use.

It's great to have tools and references like these out there, I'm actually researching for a game I'm trying to make. 

Anyone have any other reference sites that shows the origins and stories of how Chinese characters are formed?