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Monday, 17th June 2024

Irish Born Chinese

I'm proud to be Hakka

Created Sunday, 13th November 2016, 13:00 by Whykay

(This was from my post in the Irish Born Chinese FB group, but I thought it would be nice to share here also.)

I made a Hakka dish the other night and it's not that complicated but I still looked up the internetz anyway... it may sound silly to you but I was pretty happy about it. Mom gave me half a dozen salted duck eggs and said I can make steamed mince pork with duck eggs. It's pretty straight forward but I needed to know for sure, so I found this:

I was pretty happy with the results, and my other half liked it as well, so it was awesome result. Ngai how hoi sim! -> I'm very happy in Hakka. I do understand Hakka, just don't have practice speaking it too much.

I try to with mom when I can, I think knowing about my Canto background is amazing, but it's even more fantastic to find out more about my Hakka background. There's great exhibits and museums about Hakka heritage in Hong Kong.

My grandma and older relatives living in the New Territories (HK) who still speak Hakka (mostly Canto now). I hope this doesn't die out, some fantastic food and a great community spirit. This also just reminded me when I was at a bank in HK with my mom a few years back, mom was called "ah mui" by two grannies who spoke in Hakka. I mentioned to my mom, that it's funny that they call her that that, as that's equivalent to "young girl". Mom said it's all relative, and that everyone younger and female are all called "ah mui". :-D

I enjoy hearing Hakka than Canto, would love to meet up with Hakka peeps here and practice my Hakka sometime. Finding myself looking up basic Hakka videos, but mostly learning it if you spoke Mandarin. I would like a Canto version to learning Hakka. Currently my go to is mom.