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Saturday, 20th July 2024

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Remember flying close by buildings in HK?

Created Friday, 14th June 2013, 15:51 by Whykay_g
Some nice photos of "back when" planes use to take off/land at Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong. It was always my favourite part of my journey regardless if I was leaving or visiting Hong Kong to see all the buildings so close up as you pass them on the plane.

Be prepared for your jaw to drop if you haven't seen these photos before (or if you have, enjoy the good ole memories):

Well, now location of the old Kai Tak airport will not be replaced by a luxurious cruise liner terminal. Check out some photos from The Economic Times. Unfortunately there was some initial problems reported by some of the first cruise passengers visiting Hong Kong recently in relation to transportation, being ripped off... but isn't that the case with all touristy cities? ;-)

Has anyone checked out the new cruise terminal? What is it like?