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Saturday, 24th June 2017

Irish Born Chinese

Dragon Boat Festival

You know summer is really here and Dragon Boat Festival (端午節, Tuen1 Ng5 Jit3) is around the corner.

Plus it's dumpling (糉, Zung2) time. 😀

Here's video from SCMP:

Although for the live of me, I don't understand why Dragon Boat clubs/organisations in Ireland don't hold Dragon Boat races on Dragon Boat Festival day?!? 🤔

So is anyone eating any dumplings tomorrow?

Spring Lantern Festival

Spring Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival that is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month.

My POV if Dublin should have a Chinatown

I attended the discussion if Dublin should have a Chinatown. I left with a feeling of disappointed and not very satisfied with the arguments for a Chinatown.

Gung Hei Fat Choi

Chinese New Year is just a couple of days away. It's the year of the rooster this year.

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