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Saturday, 5th December 2020

Irish Born Chinese

StartLab 香港創業實驗室 Keynote speech by Mr. Ricky Wong


 StartLab.HK shared this video of its opening keynote by Mr. Ricky Wong. It's in Cantonese (sorry to those who don't speak it).

I'm so happy to watch videos about tech, startups in Cantonese, I can finally find the words that I can't explain in Cantonese to my family. Plus the keynote is quote good and funny. 


China's game console ban to be lifted?

China's game console ban to be lifted?

Leap Motion at CES 2013

Leap Motion at CES 2013

Tactile keyboard on a tablet (CES 2013)

When I watched this video, I was wondering if the keys will be raised, and it was quite the opposite and my eyes popped out. ...

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